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Music Production Course, Melbourne

Chris Peters - Music Production Course Testimonial Photo - Academy of Audio®
"The course was incredible. Whatever you think you know, you just don't. I'd already done a Diploma in sound production and The Academy of Audio taught me more in 1 week than I learned in 2 years. I'm speechless." - Chris Peters

Fast-track Your Music Production Career

You can learn how to make an $80-100k salary doing what you love at this music production course, in Melbourne, Australia.

The music industry has changed forever. But universities are still teaching the same old stuff. The time when you could build a sustainable career as an employee of a record label or music studio is dead. To fulfil your goals of working with musicians and bringing their ideas to life, you need to learn so much more than just pushing buttons in ProTools. That’s why we’ve distilled 20+ years of sound engineering and production experience, and close to a decade in business, into a university-level course alternative that gives you the skills you need to become a music producer after successful completion of the program.

Music Production Course

Our Units of Study

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    The Academy of Audio® Advantage

    Learn faster, earn more.

    Our two-week intensive with 12 months of support means you can put what you learn into practice faster to earn money as a music producer now, not later. This career jump-start makes you tens of thousands of dollars better off financially. Plus, no need to quit your job while you study.

    Affordable excellence.

    Invest in a world-class education for less than $10k – a fraction of the cost of traditional university courses’ tuition fees – and unlock access to invaluable resources and industry connections. Avoid high vet student loan debts too!

    Expert instruction.

    Benefit from over 20 years of industry experience, ARIA chart-topping success, and insider knowledge. Our seasoned professional instructor has worked with major record labels and trained with legendary music producers. Plus, lectured in Sound Production at two of Australia’s leading universities!

    Proven results.

    Join our accomplished alumni and experience the life-changing impact of our program. Hear just how powerful it is from our music producer graduates;

    “The course was incredible. I learned more in the first day than I did in 2 trimesters at uni studying sound production.”

    – Chris Peters, Melbourne, Australia

    Unlock exclusive resources.

    Access to commercial recording studios, our proprietary app jam-packed with sound production career tools, and discounts on essential software and equipment from music industry partners will give you the ultimate competitive edge.

    Satisfaction guaranteed.

    We’re so confident in the course we deliver based on the results past students have achieved, that we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the dramatic improvement in your music production work, or your money back. Ask us about how the guarantee works in any one-on-one call.

    Innovative structure.

    Immerse yourself in our innovative 2-week masterclass, supported by a proprietary 110k word course textbook and followed by 12 months of personalised mentoring and student support. This unique blend of learning methods accelerates your progress and ensures lasting success.

    Create powerful connections.

    Through the course, you’ll gain access to studios, session musicians, and other industry professionals. Expanding your network and building relationships will further accelerate your music production career.

    Tailored learning experience.

    Benefit from a personalised approach that adapts to your learning style and interests. Our in-person, print, and online materials provide a comprehensive and engaging educational experience to learn the skills taught in the course.
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    Jess Loh playing guitar. Photo by Carina Sze.

    Personalised Music Industry Training and Mentorship

    Unlike universities, we have the flexibility to adapt our course content to meets the personal needs of our students, on the fly, during the sessions. Our propriety course content is based around the skill requirements of a successful music production business, with time built in for discussions and tangents.

    Fast-track your audio production career outcomes

    Get the skills and knowledge you need to run a successful music production business or recording studio, without spending years in traditional university learning to be an audio engineer. Our two week in person training intensive gives you access to detailed knowledge and techniques to fast-track your audio production career.
    Neve console at Sing Sing Studio. Photo by Carina Sze.
    Simon Moro and James Ryan at Sing Sing Studios. Photo by Carina Sze.

    Get the skills you need to become a music producer

    Get the most from your sound production education with our 110k+ word proprietary textbook and online resources. With over two decades of experience in audio production distilled into a comprehensive program, you can get the training you need to become successful in the music industry.

    Get 12 months of mentorship and support.

    Get the professional mentoring and support you need to succeed. With 12 months of guidance from experienced music producers, you can take your career to the next level in an efficient and detailed way, fit for the current music industry.
    Phil Turcio at Sing Sing. Photo by Carina Sze.
    Simon Moro and Jess Loh Studio Session. Photo by Carina Sze.

    Most importantly: Focus

    This course is purely for those seeking to be music producers. This is not a music school. We focus on the skills you need to run an audio production business in the music industry after successful completion of the course. If you want to do general music technology, live sound production, live performance, be a sound designer for film and TV, game design, dialog editing, or other irrelevant units, you’ll need to choose a different provider. But, if you want to focus on production, that’s precisely what you get with us.

    Music Production Course, Melbourne - Key Info

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    Cover student tuition fees with Study Now Pay Later in monthly instalments from ZeeFi. Discounts are available for upfront payment. Contact us for a detailed breakdown of the student tuition fees. SNPL is unavailable to international students.


    Courses run in Melbourne, out of commercial studios with industry standard hardware. Get in touch to find out where the next one will be held.


    The intensive is Mon-Fri for 2 weeks at the beginning of the course. There are then 12 months of regular online catch-ups, optional assignments, and personalised mentoring.


    The course textbook contains 29 chapters that covers everything you need to know to launch your career from audio engineering to business skills. The total amount of units is close to 200.


    While there are no strict entry requirements or knowledge required, experience with music in general, composition, a DAW/other software packages, and basic recording will be an advantage.

    What to bring

    Students are required to bring their own laptops, audio interface, and headphones. Pro Tools (can be a demo) must be installed beforehand.

    Course Graduates and Career Outcomes

    Taking the accelerated music producer course at the Academy of Audio was a game-changer for me and my music. I had a little experience going in, but Simon was able to break advanced techniques down and make them easy to understand. I feel like I've learned so much in such a short amount of time.

    The impact of the course was immediate. I started using the techniques I learned right away on my music. The result has been amazing, with my releases now gaining tens of thousands of streams on Spotify. The confidence and skills I gained from the course have taken my music to the next level, and I am so grateful for the experience. I highly recommend The Academy of Audio to anyone looking to improve their sound production skills and work in the music industry.

    Industry Partners & Studio Recording Tools

    Academy of Audio® students benefit from our partnerships and training with specific brands and tools.

    Academy of Audio, Course - FAQs

    Got questions? We've got answers.

    This is a music production course in Melbourne, Victoria. The 2 week intensive takes place in a real commercial studio. The venue may vary for each cohort. Students will be made aware of the venue before each course starts. You can contact us to find out where the next production course is running in Melbourne. We are open to taking international students, so contact us to find out more.

    If you’re looking to study music production in Melbourne, you have several options to choose from including RMIT, SAE, JMC, and AIM. However, the Academy of Audio® sets itself apart from these providers with its specifically designed music production course taught by industry experts. Our music production course is designed to have you ready to launch your production business within weeks, at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Our 1 year plus 2 weeks program is under $10,000. Additionally, we focus on providing relevant, up-to-date information that prepares you for the realities of the music industry, rather than being limited by government requirements as some other providers may be.

    There are also some music performance courses at other providers that include some music technology and sound designer training.

    Most providers offer support for international students.

    When it comes to choosing the best course for music production, there are several options available, including RMIT, SAE, JMC, and AIM. However, the Academy of Audio® stands out as the premier choice for those seeking to specialise in music production. Unlike other providers who also cover topics such as live sound, dialog editing, and sound for film, the Academy of Audio® focuses solely on the skills required for music production. Additionally, our course is not limited by government guidelines and provides practical, up-to-date information to help you succeed in the music industry. Furthermore, the Academy of Audio® provides mentoring support even after the course completion, to help you launch and grow your music production business.

    Are music production courses worth it? Absolutely! The music industry is highly competitive and difficult to break into, but with the right education and training, you can increase your chances of success. Traditional university courses can be expensive and take years to complete, adding to the opportunity cost of being unable to work while studying. This can result in lost wages of $20-30k or more. On the other hand, with a successful music production career, you can earn $60-100k or more per year as a freelance music producer. The Academy of Audio® offers a 2-week intensive course plus a year of mentoring and revision that gives you the education and training you need to succeed in the industry. Our course is designed by industry experts and provides you with a blueprint for success as a music producer. You’ll also have the support and guidance of our mentors even after the course completion. This makes the Academy of Audio® a smart investment in your future music production career.

    The Accelerated Music Production course at The Academy of Audio® is designed to give you a comprehensive and practical education in music production. Our program begins with a two-week intensive session where you’ll work through our proprietary 110k-word textbook with our experienced industry professionals.

    During the intensive, we cover all the essential topics with examples and guided discussions, providing you with a thorough understanding of music production. The knowledge shared during the intensive is then reinforced over the following year as you operate your own business.

    Throughout the program, you’ll have access to both one-on-one mentoring and group sessions, where you can continue to receive guidance and support as you navigate the challenging world of music production. Additionally, minor monthly assignments will help you reinforce everything you’ve learned from the intensive and keep your skills sharp.

    With the knowledge and skills acquired in the program, graduates will be well equipped to start their own music production business and begin building their careers in the industry. The Academy of Audio® is dedicated to helping its students succeed, and provides ongoing support and resources to ensure that they are able to achieve their goals.

    Some key information about our course funding:

    Study Now Pay Later is not available to international students. If you are an international student, we will try and find a solution for you, factoring in your individual circumstances.

    The funding is not a vet student loan. It is not provided through commonwealth government funding.

    We can assist with the application process.

    Music performance and composition is not part of our course. If your interest is in the performance space, you will need to find another provider. A Diploma of Music or associate degree would be a better choice for those interested in becoming a musical director, wanting to write original music, learn about applied music, play in live bands, and have free access to practice rooms on campus.

    We try not to make the course too focussed on the DAW, however, Pro Tools is what we use for demonstration. We also use a range of plugins from Plugin Alliance, Waves, Celemony, Synchro Arts and others.

    We do not specifically cover Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason or other DAWs, yet the skills and concepts we cover can be applied to them.

    Are You Ready to Work In The Music Industry? Apply Today!

      Course Subject Summaries

      Sound and Acoustics

      A comprehensive introduction to the topic, covering key concepts such as the human ear, phase, room modes, flutter echo, soundproofing and acoustic treatment. It provides an understanding of the essential aspects of sound and acoustics, equipping attendees with the knowledge to apply them in their studios.

      Analog & Digital Audio Theory

      Analog audio basics such as cables and connectors, ground loops, digital audio basics such as sample rate, bit depth, and formats, and audio converters are also explained, giving the knowledge needed to understand how these concepts apply to their sound.

      Signal Flow

      Covering the basics of signal flow, including aux sends and returns, busses and routing, and patchbays. It provides the knowledge they needed to understand and apply these concepts, enabling attendees to manipulate signals in creative ways to produce desired audio outcomes. Understanding signal flow is essential for students looking to explore and experiment with sound design.

      Microphones and Preamps

      This introduction to microphones and preamps provides an overview of polar patterns, different microphone types such as dynamic, condenser, and ribbons, how to use mics, stereo techniques, and DI boxes. It equips students with the knowledge to choose the right microphone for their music project and understand how to best use it, as well as explore different stereo mic’ing techniques and understand the role of DI boxes.


      This covers a brief history of studio recording, tape machines, and digital devices. Monitoring considerations, and processes such as taking performance notes and the use of click tracks are also covered. It equips students with the knowledge to understand studio recording techniques concepts and how to apply these principles to their own music, whether electronic music or even live sound recordings.

      EQ & Dynamics

      This covers EQ types and filters, dynamic EQ, EQ parameters, and how to improve the translation of your music. It also explains dynamics processing including compressors, multiband compression, limiters, expander/gates, and transient shapers. You’ll get a strong understanding of these vital production tools for any type of music.

      Signal Processing & Effects

      We cover effects chains, reverb, delays, other time-based FX, modulation, pitch, spatial, and harmonic processing tools. It provides students with the knowledge to understand and apply these concepts to their own songs, enabling them to manipulate sound and achieve their desired results. From creating unique atmospheres to adding depth and clarity to songs, an understanding of signal processing is essential in sound production and this type of creative work.

      DAWs & Editing

      DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) and editing cover Pro Tools, DAW basics, MIDI, automation, detailed editing, tuning vocals, vocal alignment, editing live drums, BeatDetective, Elastic Audio and an editing checklist for production. It provides students with the knowledge to understand and apply these concepts to their own projects and this essential music technology.


      Learn what mixing really is. We cover the process and approach, mix preparation, vocals, automation, bus processing, metering, advanced techniques, deliverables, and mix templates. It provides students with the knowledge to understand and apply these concepts to their own music, enabling them to craft professional mixes of any size and complexity, with a wide sound stage. From electronic music to indie pop and hip hop, you’ll be able to deliver professional results, without any prior learning!


      We cover the process, dynamic range and metering, audio restoration, meta-data, deliverables, AI mastering and mastering templates. It provides students with the knowledge to understand and apply these concepts to their very own music projects, enabling them to master their recordings and create professional results. From dynamic range control to audio restoration and AI mastering, mastering can help students achieve the perfect sound for their projects.

      Producing & Music Theory Basics

      This covers the role of a producer, project scoping, pre-production, coaching the performance of other musicians, admin, managing scope creep, and a production framework. It also explains theory basics such as note names, chords, and keys, as well as how to write charts in Sibelius. Understanding these topics is essential for any aspiring producer or musician. We also connect this knowledge to synths and sound designer-type processes in the context of electronic music.


      The business side of this course covers branding, marketing, sales, cashflow, leasing a studio space, registering a business and ABN, business insurance, accounting software, conflict resolution, and productivity tools. From understanding cashflow to registering a business and finding the right tools, your business can be managed efficiently with the right knowledge and resources. This is critical to understand as being self-employed is one of the most likely career options.

      Online Presence

      From registering a domain and website hosting, to editing a website using WordPress. Students will leave the course with a website launched and ready to promote their production business.

      Computers & Maintenance

      This covers computer fundamentals to help you understand how components affect your production, formatting drives, troubleshooting issues and your studio’s IT. Backing up data is vital, and we cover best practice techniques. We also learn how to use soldering irons and make cables.

      Setting Up Your Studio

      We cover setting up your studio including the essential items you need when starting out, what to invest in, and how to save money. It enables students to create a studio that meets their needs and budget. Navigating the process of setting up a home or project studio can be tricky, but with the right knowledge and resources, students can make smart investments in gear as their business grows and create a professional recording environment fit for success in the music industry.


      Covering hazards in the studio such as hearing damage, fatigue, and electrical dangers. It provides students with the knowledge to understand and apply these concepts to their own studios, enabling them to always create music in a safe and healthy recording environment. Safety in the studio is often overlooked, but with the right information and resources, students can protect themselves and their equipment, creating a safe and comfortable studio to produce great music.