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Music Production Course – FAQs

Rather than spending 12-24 months and upwards of $50k studying audio at uni, the Accelerated Music Production Course focusses solely on the skills required to operate as a freelance music producer. You get all the knowledge you need to start working within a few weeks of starting the program. Instead of drip feeding knowledge over years, it’s given up front, within the first 2 weeks. You then have support for the following year, to make sure you understand the material. The support also includes business mentoring.

The Academy of Audio® developed the Accelerated Music Production Course in order to provide an extensive and pragmatic education for those wanting to get into music production. Spearheaded by a successful music producer with more than 20 years of experience, this one-year course covers everything necessary to run a prosperous music production business.

The program begins with a two-week intensive in-person program, where you will obtain the fundamental abilities and understanding needed to initiate and build your own music production company. Instructed by experienced professionals in the industry, the two-week session covers everything from the technical aspects of audio engineering and music production to the business and entrepreneurial proficiency needed to flourish in the sector.

Our course has been created to give individuals access to the real-world knowledge and abilities they require to begin and increase their own music production businesses. This program is meant to be an accessible alternative to college courses for those who are interested in becoming music producers. After finishing the program, graduates will have the capacity to start their music production venture and establish their profession in the industry.

This course is intended for those looking to enter into a music production career. While experience is not necessary, those who have some experience will really excel and get a lot from the material. Some of the students in our first cohort in 2022, had the following background:


  • Ex JMC Audio Production student.
  • High school graduate, with background in music performance.
  • Singer/songwriter and studio owner, who wanted to up skill.
  • An IT consult that had been dabbling with audio, wanting a career change.

The Accelerated Music Production Course at the Academy of Audio® is an ideal choice for people with a history of composing who are aiming to move into music production. If you have finished a composition degree and are looking to increase your aptitudes, this program is the ideal fit.

Moreover, the program is excellent for those with a powerful enthusiasm for music production who may have been teaching themselves and are now ready to take the next step to launch a career. If you are a self-taught musician or have completed a Certificate IV in sound production, the program will give you the expertise and qualifications you need to be successful in the industry.

If you are a studio engineer just starting out, the Accelerated Music Production Course is an excellent way to expand your business and make yourself stand out from the competition. This program will give you the know-how and abilities required to take your business higher and shine in the sector.

In general, our Music Production Course was formed to be a beneficial and efficient approach for pupils to acquire the proficiency and expertise they need to thrive in the music production field. No matter if you are an aspiring producer, a musician, or a studio engineer, this program will provide you with the resources to do well in the modern, highly competitive music industry.

The in-person component runs for 2 weeks. Monday – Friday. 9 am to 5 pm or so. All of the content is covered in these two weeks, and yes, everyone’s brain hurts.

After completion of the intensive, the following 12 months are used to review the material in your own time, with mentoring and support. There is one on one assistance and group catch-ups. Each month we focus on reviewing different topics, with mini assignments.

The assignments are optional and designed to help reinforce important information. If you’re too busy working on other projects, you can skip the assignments.

The course is structured in a way that builds skills in a mostly linear way. Business skills are weaved through the 2-week intensive, so by the end of the 2 weeks your website can go live with all branding, pricing, and services finalised.

For the 2 week intensive you will require:


  • Laptop (Mac preferred)
  • Audio interface and cables to connect it
  • Headphones
  • Pro Tools (You can use a trial version, provided it has not been run on your system before)

You will be provided with installers for many free plugins during the course.

Awww yeah you will. But, like most audio production certificates, no one will ever ask you for it.! It’s still nice to have though. It’s pretty, hang it on your wall, or put it in the cupboard.

Yes. We offer 6, 12, and 18 months of interest-free funding through our partner, ZeeFi.

A goal of the Academy of Audio® is to create a community to like-minded producers that work collaboratively. We encourage sharing projects and often send paid work over to graduates.

However, the goal of the course is to set graduates up to run and grow their own businesses and be their own bosses.

There are no prerequisites as such, however, we do have an interview process to determine suitability. Someone that has never done any home recording before may need to do some catch-up before starting the course.

There is flexibility in the kind of support delivered during the 12 months of mentoring. Some examples of support given to past students include:

  • Mix reviews with feedback and suggestions.
  • Help to negotiate with clients.
  • Assistance with project pricing and quotes.
  • Advise on equipment purchases.
  • Revision of course material, such as signal flow, busses, and parallel processing.

Yes! Check back soon. We are working on it.

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